Bottoms Up: Easy Gin Cocktail Recipes

Light and versatile, gin is a juniper-based spirit that pairs well with pretty much anything from fruits and herbs to sodas, juices, and other more complex liquor. Here are some of the many ways to enjoy this classic spirit.

Cucumber Gin Lemonade
This refreshing recipe has a tart and semi-sweet flavor perfect for hot summer afternoons. To make this cocktail, combine lemon juice, cucumber juice, gin, and simple syrup in a tall glass. Top it off with club soda, lots of ice, and some lemon and cucumber slices.

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Apricot Passion
Made with apricot glaze and passion fruit juice drink, this gin-based cocktail is very fruity and tangy. The recipe is very simple – just stir all the ingredients in a glass and add a little bit of lime juice and crushed ice.

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Rhubarb Sour
This flavorful cocktail is made with gin, triple sec, rhubarb syrup, and lemon juice. One egg white is also added to create a frothy layer that complements the sweetness of the rhubarb and the sourness of the lemon juice.

Gin and Mint
This cool and refreshing gin cocktail is very easy to make. Simply stir gin, mint, and cucumber slices in a glass. Then, add chilled elderflower pressé, some ice cubes, more mint leaves, and a slice of lemon.

Adam Quirk is the co-founder of Cardinal Spirits, a craft distillery producing premium craft gin among many other craft liquors. Follow this Twitter account for more updates.


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