Ways To Add Flavor To Vodka

The problem many people have with vodka is that they perceive it to be a “boring drink”, with very little flavor. But that need not be the case. There are ways for you to add flavor to vodka. Let’s check out the steps.

Image source: hangoverprices.com

First things first, look for a cheap bottle – the cheaper, the better. Then secure the vessel. Look for wide-mouth mason jars, which are great for infusing alcohol. Plastic jars give off “funky” flavors to alcoholic drinks, and mason jars don’t. What’s more, the wide opening of these jars can allow fruits the size of apples through it.

Next, choose your flavor. There are a multitude of flavors to choose from. Citrus has always been good with vodka. Vanilla beans with syrup or maple adds a warmer, cozier feel. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can put in chili peppers. If you’re going for spices, go for whole spices. The ground variety makes for a murky and gritty vodka. If you’re aiming to combine flavors, do your research on the measurements so as not to shock your taste buds.

Image source: walmart.com

Now, put these ingredients in the jar and fill it with vodka before covering it tightly. It should be covered for around 3 days to a week. Do taste tests every now and then to see if it’s achieved the taste you want. Also shake the jar to speed up the process. Keep in mind that fresh ingredients make the process go faster than dried ones.

Once you feel it’s good enough, strain it and store it.

I’m Adam Quirk, and I own Cardinal Spirits, and excellent place for liquor lovers. For more on the stuff I love, follow this blog.


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