Crack Open a Cold One: Tips For Every Drinker

The question why people drink has different answers for everyone. But any man who’s ever cracked opened a cold one is hoping to summon a slightly better version of himself. Not everyone is born a drinker though. So here are tips to check out for your next weekend session.

1. Drink only enough

Don’t get ahead of yourself and chug down a bottle in seconds. You’re not going to enjoy it. Savor it. You don’t want to be the first guy to go down.

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See others lightly.

When you start to pry open a pop top, you are dropping our guard. You raise a glass in honor of just about anything. Alcohol opens the heart, and when that happens, men start saying things that they will probably regret after. So, take it lightly.

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Only get in a car with sober drivers

This can be difficult if everyone wants to have a good time and drink. If no one was left sober, try staying the night in your host’s house. But the best way is to assign a designated driver before you go out.

Adam Quirk is the co-founder of Cardinal Spirits distillery based in Bloomington, IN. Read similar articles here.


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