How fermentation works to create the best spirits

Fermentation is virtually the only thing that determines the success of wines and spirits.  This is crucial in any wine distillery’s success in the business of winemaking.

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Successful fermentation should always start with the proper sterilization of equipment to be fermented.  This is because any foreign object can potentially compromise the fermentation process.  Biological elements particularly contaminate the whole chemical process involved in fermentation.

Once sterilization is done, the next step is the selection of yeast.  One must understand that yeast is the element responsible for processing the sugar content of fruit ingredients.  The sugar is broken down into alcohol and water.  The manner and speed by which these two are separated are dependent on the quality of the yeast.

Temperature is yet another factor that needs to be considered in fermentation as this affects the process too.  If the temperature of the wash is too high, it might kill the yeast.  If the processing is done in much warmer climates, it is best to use a heat-tolerant yeast.  If this is not gauged correctly, the whole effort will go for naught.

Maintaining a distillery is not something that can be taken lightly.  It is all about doing the proper calculations that involve any number of variables in the fermentation environment.  This is why creating wines and spirits is considered as an expertise in the food and beverage industry.

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Adam Quirk co-founded Cardinal Spirits, a distillery that is well-known for producing from locally available ingredients.  Learn more about wines and spirits on this blog.


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